Congratulations to KHS Honors Music Festival Participants

1.   2018 All-State Jazz Chorus:

Gabe Vesenka

Liana Osgood


While Gabe is opting not to attend due to other commitments, Liana will be traveling to South Portland for the three day music festival Jan. 11-13.  We wish her the best on her first All-State experience!


2.  2018 District 1 Honors Music Festival Band and Choir: 

Jason Albaum, baritone sax

Colby Ellis, trombone

Connor Ellis, tenor sax

Juli Ennis, percussion

Nels Faul, clarinet

Peter Lazos, bass clarinet

Emily L'Heureux, bass clarinet



Riley Cerabona

Brooks Desrosiers

Sophia Ewy

Emma Flores

Donald Frost

Isabella Hammond

Alice Hauser

Molly Hetzel

Sophia Hines

Abbey Iafolla

Mae McDougald

Lily McMahon

Liana Osgood

Eliara Spinney

Kurt Stentiford


This festival will take place on Jan. 19 and 20 at Noble High School.  We will be leaving after the morning exams on the 19th so no class time will be missed.


MLD Update

Update on MLD: Barring any new issues, we are planning on school as usual tomorrow. Our facilities crew cleaned up the water before it entered any classrooms. Serve Pro has completely dried the building. Sprinkler Systems, Inc. has repaired most of the sprinkler heads and will return tomorrow with more parts. We have dry classrooms and running water. Thanks for your patience. This cold is taking a toll on us! 

School Cancelled at MLD

School has been canceled at Mildred L. Day today, January 2nd, due to an emergency sprinkler system failure. Students will be held in the MLD Gym until approximately 10:30 be bussed home after parents are contacted.