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Welcome to the January 2018 edition of the RSU 21 Building Project Newsletter. These newsletters have been provided as a monthly update on the status of our school renovations. Past issues are archived on our website at

Kennebunk High School

The Kennebunk High School building project reached another milestone this month with the completion of the renovated "A" gym and library. The scope of work in the "A" gym area included a new gym floor, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and all other mechanical systems, batting cage, sound system, locker rooms, trainer facilities and a weight room. The library features more than 14,000 volumes, new stacks, a makerspace, two conference rooms and furniture made by local craftsmen at the Huston Company. Both of these spaces, along with the theater, are located directly off the main lobby and serve as the center of activity at Kennebunk High School.

Work on the project is now focused on the final first floor area of the 1981 building (where the cars and buses used to drive under the building) and the entire 1939 building. The KHS construction project continues on schedule and on budget.  

Screenshot 2018-01-18 at 9.39.46 AM.png

In the picture above, the varsity boys basketball team is practicing for the first time on the new court in “A” gym. Below are pictures of a slab being poured in the classrooms located "under the bridge" in the 1981 building, the new library and the new weight room.

Screenshot 2018-01-18 at 9.40.06 AM.png

Kennebunk High School

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