RSU 21 Building Projects


February 06, 2017


Welcome to the February 2017 issue of the Building Project Newsletter. Given the completion of Kennebunkport Consolidated School, this issue will provide updates on Mildred L. Day School and Kennebunk High School. Past newsletters are chronicled on our website at

Kennebunk High School

The progress at Kennebunk High School is the talk of the district these days! On January 23rd members of the School Board of Directors and High School Building Committee toured the new construction. During the February 1st late start Wednesday, members of the high school faculty got their first tour of the new construction. Interior walls are framed and partially covered in sheetrock in the front entrance and lobby areas, auditorium, new gymnasium, cafeteria, STEM, Art, English, and World Language classrooms. These spaces are really taking shape. The new kitchen will be open following February vacation, the target date for the new cafeteria is May 15th, and the new portion of the building is slated to be ready in late August. The start of school next fall will mark the first time in seventeen years that World Language classrooms have been inside the main building. In addition to building pictures, a schematic outlining the plan for opening various parts of the building is attached.

Mildred L. Day School

Ground work for the new parking areas and construction of the front entrance is underway at Mildred L. Day School. Crews are reaching place where they will await the appropriate weather and ground conditions for paving later this spring.

Thank you for your continued support of our schools!


Kathryn Hawes, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Kennebunk High School

Mildred L. Day School

Kennebunkport Consolidated School