RSU 21 Google Apps Permission Form

As with any educational endeavor, we feel that a strong partnership with families is essential to a successful experience. Therefore, we are asking your permission to provide a Google Apps for Education account to your child.

What’s included in Google Apps for Education?

  • Google Apps for Education provides for greatly enhanced flexibility over traditional desktop software while allowing students to work in a protected environment in a private domain at a substantial cost savings.

  • Google Classroom allows for digital classroom collaboration and workflow.

  • Google Calendar lets you create and share school or class calendars and events.

  • Google Docs lets you create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and forms.

  • Google Sites makes it easy to collect, share, and publish all types of content in a single website through easy embeds of Google Docs, Google Calendars, videos, and other media without coding experience.

  • Gmail provides restricted email accounts for students beginning in grade 6 and fully functional email accounts for students beginning in grade 9. (Gmail will not be accessible for elementary students.)

  • Google Apps for Education accounts are free from advertising.

By completing the form below, I grant my consent for my student to have a RSU 21 Google Apps for Education account. I understand use of this account is subject to the RSU 21 Terms of Use for Google Apps for Education. I understand that I may ask for my child's account to be removed at any time by notifying the school in writing.

Student Name *
Student Name
Parent /Guardian *
Parent /Guardian

Be advised that this permission form will remain in effect throughout the student’s academic career in RSU 21. Should the parent/guardian request a change, please notify RSU 21 in writing.