December 9, 2016

This past week, I heard from several community members who attended our tours last week. They wanted to acknowledge how skilled our fifth grade tour guides were during those tours. Visitors noticed our students using good eye contact, introducing themselves, asking good questions, and answering their questions. Kudos to our teachers who value these skills and teach students how to master them.

This morning, we had help from some fourth grade students reminding us about appropriate hallway behavior. During the coming weeks, we plan to positively recognize those students making good choices in the hallways by using walking feet, staying quiet, staying in line with their hands to themselves, keeping to the right, going straight to their destination, and enjoying artwork with their eyes only. 

At a recent district emergency management meeting, it was decided that we need to keep all visitor badges at the school. So, if you have taken yours home or keep in your car, please leave it at school the next time that you visit.

Lastly, we did have to do a "hold in place" this morning, which means that we keep students out of the hallways. Rescue was called to attend to a staff member, so we wanted the hallways clear.

Thank you, Karen Bubar, Principal