Summer Update & Circus Volunteers Needed

Summer is well underway. I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful and safe Fourth of July this past weekend. Yesterday, I visited KCS to see the progress of the construction crew. They are moving along quite quickly with their work. I hear that they are even working on the weekends to ensure that the timeline is met. We are looking forward to starting school in September in a beautiful building!

KCPTA is still looking for volunteers for the summer fundraiser- Circus Smirkus. Please, remember that this event is the only fundraising effort for the KCPTA, and the students benefit so much from the funds raised. Without this event, there are so many experiences our students wouldn't have. We are grateful to all the parents and staff involved in helping. Having said that... without the help of all the parents and staff during those two days, this event can't be the success it is. At this time, there are still opportunities to help during Circus days and in advance selling tickets. See below for more specifics:

Hi Everyone!!

I hope your enjoying your summer so far!!  As you know Circus Smirkus is RIGHT around the corner!  We still need a lot of volunteers.  Thank you to those of you who have already signed up.  If you have yet to sign up please do so by clicking on the link to sign up genius that I attached or email Stacey Corsie - or myself -

We cannot have Circus without volunteers. As we have mentioned over and over and over, this is our schools only fundraiser. All volunteer jobs are easy and fun, also,  you get to see these amazing "circus" kids perform while volunteering!

Thank you, and I hope you are all enjoying your summer!!!!

Sonia Midgley

If for some reason you cannot open this, please copy it and go to and paste it. It should open. I also believe you have all been invited to view circus smirkus on sign-up genius so you should see it after you sign in.....

I'm hoping to not have to keep sending out emails begging for volunteers.....however those who know me, know I will!!!  hahaha!!!! ;-)