September 9, 2016

Welcome Back to a new school year at Kennebunkport Consolidated School!

We are so grateful to be working with your children each and every day. I hope they've had a great first week back with their teachers and classmates.

While there are many positives that we hope your child shared with you about our first week back, we did have a couple glitches (such as a broken sewer pipe that was fixed within 24 hours, a malfunctioning phone system that was fixed within a few hours, and a slow pick-up parent process at the end of each day). For the most part, teachers were focused on teaching and students were focused on learning, and having fun of course. 

Parent Pick-Up Process:  As many of you know, the parent pick-up process is very different this year. We apologize for the length of time that it has taken us each day to complete this process and understand your frustration with long lines of traffic. Each day, we have reflected and made suggestions to try the following day. Today's timing was, by far, the best of the week. We appreciate your patience as we continue to tweak our process and expect the routine to be much safer and more efficient than what we've used in years past.

Some examples of changes that we've made this week include better communication with the use of radios, more duty staff members helping, getting student names from the first few cars before even dismissing students, having cars travel in two lines through the loop, and pulling cars up further into the loop. 

Some ways that we think you can help the process go smoother include:

  • having the seat on the passenger side of the car ready for your child, rather than having them go around to the driver's side of the car to get in
  • staying in your car and letting the school staff help your child to your car
  • allow buses to cross the road to enter and exit the bus loop
  • stagger your arrival times at school instead of having all parents picking up children arriving at 2:45 (If you don't have to be anywhere right away, maybe plan to be at school at 2:50 instead of 2:45. Keep in mind that your children aren't dismissed until 2:45 and it takes them a few minutes to get to the main entrance of the building. We would like to ask parents of students in grades K-2 to wait a few extra minutes to arrive at school, since the younger children typically take a little longer at the end of the day to gather their belongings and walk to the main entrance.) 

We appreciate anything that you can do to help the process, but especially your patience as we work through the process of developing a new routine for dismissal.