KES Newsletter - October 13, 2017

Hello KES families,

I hope you are well! I want to start by thanking the Kennebunk Fire Department for being here with us for Fire Safety today. We had Captain Barry Jones and fire fighters Dean Auriemma, Jen Samsel, Keegan Rickter, Conner Curran and Joshua McCann. They talked about identifying two ways out of your house in the event of a fire, they modeled Stop Drop and Roll, and they showed our students how fire fighters don and strip their gear. I have attached some homework for parents on making a home fire escape plan. We want you to all stay safe! Next week at our Friday Morning Meeting we will have an evacuation (fire) drill in the middle of our assembly. We have never practiced evacuating our entire school population from the gym, so the KES Emergency Operations Committee has decided that this year we will do just that. If you join us for Friday Morning Meeting next week, you will have the opportunity to leave the assembly just prior to the drill, or plan to stay and evacuate with us….we hope you stay!

I learned today that an incorrect date for our Kindergarten Jump Start dance showcase was shared with parents of KJS students. I apologize to folks who were with us this morning expecting that performance. That showcase is scheduled for next Friday’s Friday Morning Meeting, 10/20/17. We will offer an encore version of that performance on 11/3/17, so if you came this morning and you aren’t able to be with us two Friday’s in a row, you will also have an opportunity in November to catch their act. As cute as they are, I promise it will be worth returning for! My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.  

We have begun our Square 1 Art programming once again. You may remember it from two years ago when we raised almost $6,000.00 to send four World War II veterans and one Korean war veteran to their memorials in Washington DC through Honor Flight. Once again you will be able to purchase a wide variety of household items online showcasing your child’s original artwork. The fundraiser will occur in time to purchase items as holiday gifts. This year proceeds will support wounded warriors. Please see the attached letter from our Art Teacher, Tina Defilipp for more information.

KEPTA has asked me to remind everyone that their biggest fundraiser of the year (OK, Go!) is scheduled for October 17th. One of their correspondence described it as a Walk-a-thon for kindergarten, but this year, Kindergarten, like all of our grades will enjoy a Dance-a-Thon. Please help KEPTA support our schools and return your packet by October 17th.

The Girl Scouts have asked me to remind everyone about their Fantasy Ball on October 28th at the Brick Store Museum Program Center. If your child loves dressing up, dancing and sweet treats, search “Fantasy Ball Kennebunk” through Eventbrite, or contact Heather Larrabee at (207) 216-1153.

And finally, two KES reminders….This coming Thursday is Picture Day, and this coming Friday is our student Flu Clinic. Call the office at KES (207) 985-4402 if you have any questions about either! Have a great weekend!

Yours in Education,
Mr. Quinn

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KES Newsletter - September 29, 2017

Hello KES Families,

Happy Friday!

My newsletter will be short and sweet today, as we are getting ready for the Ice Cream Social, and hoping to see you there! The Ice Cream Social is one of the most fun events of the year and we have a beautiful day for it. Please thank KEPTA members when you see them there and please consider joining KEPTA to support our schools. You can see the attached Flyer for more information regarding KEPTA’s Ice Cream Social this afternoon.

It was great seeing so many parents and grandparents here this morning for the NED SHOW…. NED’s three messages include Never Give Up, Encourage Others, and Do your best. The NED SHOW presenters combine these messages with storytelling, magic, comedy and yo yo tricks. This positive character presentation is developmentally designed for children, and our students, staff, and audience thoroughly enjoyed the show. It is an especially good fit for KES, given all of the positive character work that we do. In fact, as the “opening act” we had members of the KHS Varsity Boys Soccer Team with us to help Mrs. Deroche introduce “Courage” as our character trait for the month of October.

We had a really nice event for 3rd graders yesterday afternoon. Several wounded warriors and the pets that help them heal accompanied author Dava Guerin for a book signing opportunity celebrating the release of her new book Vets and Pets. If are considering purchasing Vets and Pets, please consider making your purchase at The Book Burrow in Kennebunkport. Ten percent of the sales from the book at The Book Burrow will come to KES, and we plan to donate those proceeds to “Pets for Patriots”. You can learn more about “Pets for Patriots” when we launch our second annual Wreaths Across America initiative at Friday Morning Meeting on November 17th.

And I have just a couple reminders for you: KES OPEN house is on October 3rd for grades 1, 2, and 3. Kindergarten always has their open house during Kindergarten Sneak-a-Peek, so Kindergarten teachers do not participate in KES Open House. And also, this coming Friday we have a Workshop Day for staff, so there will be no Friday Morning Meeting this coming week. The following week we will have the Kennebunk Fire Department on hand for Friday Morning Meeting in honor of Fire Safety Month. For a complete list of events at KES, please access the KES Calendar at the bottom of our webpage.

Have a great weekend!
Mr. Quinn

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KES Newsletter - September 22, 2017

Hello KES Families,

Happy Friday! I hope you are well. Things are great here at KES. With two full five-day weeks under our belts, things are falling nicely in place, and students are settling into the new year…I don’t want to jinx myself, but it was really a pretty quiet week! Thank you to everyone who sent in change for Coins for a Cause. We will be making a donation for victims of the recent hurricanes this coming week.

This week KES hosted the first meeting of the year for our dedicated PTA, KEPTA. It was great to see some new faces at that meeting and we hope more people will participate in KEPTA in whatever way works best for them. Their next meeting is at Sea Road School on Wednesday October 11th at 10:30am. KEPTA’s annual Ice Cream Social will take place here at KES one week from tonight, on September 29th from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. It is one of our favorite school events, so we hope to see you there!

This coming Thursday afternoon at 1:00pm all KES 3rd graders will have a chance to attend a presentation and book signing for the newly published Vets and Pets: Wounded Warriors and the Animals that Help Them Heal. The presentation will include the authors, Dava Guerin and Kevin Ferris, as well as some U.S. Veterans and their special pets.  Our Square 1 Art philanthropy this year benefits Wounded Warriors, so this event will tie in nicely with that work. We will share more with your about Square 1 Art for Wounded Warriors in the coming weeks.

Today at Friday Morning Meeting, our Occupational Therapist, Mrs. Mason, along with some student helpers, provided us with a Backpack Safety presentation. You should find information in your child’s take-home folder to discuss “packing it light and wearing it right.” Next Friday at Friday Morning Meeting we will host the NED Show. The Ned Show is a positive character trait assembly that teaches children to “Never Give Up, Encourage Others, and Do Your Best.” It is a great presentation, so please join us if you can!

Don’t forget, KES Open House is on October 3rd, from 5:30pm to 6:30 pm. We hope to see you there!

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Quinn

Brick Store Museum
Pastel Drawing Workshop
Ice Cream Social

KES Kid's Chorus

Hello KES Families,

I my newsletter on Friday, I neglected to include information about the KES Kids Chorus. If your child is in 1st, 2nd or 3rdgrade, they are invited to participate in chorus, which practices twice a month after school and performs at most KES Friday Morning Meetings, as well as at several events out in the community throughout the year. Below, please find the link to sign up for KES Kids Chorus.

K.E.S. Kids Chorus Registration

Yours in Education,

Mr. Quinn

KES Newsletter - September 15, 2017

Hello KES Families,

Happy New School Year! I hope you are well! It has been great seeing so many of you back here at KES…we are off to a great start. We had our first Fire Drill of the year yesterday and our students did a fantastic job evacuating quietly and listening for directions, so please congratulate them on that. Also, we began our fall assessments this week, and students are all working very hard already, so please congratulate them on that as well.

I want to thank all of the families who attended Kindergarten arrival on the first day, and KEPTA’s Boo Hoo Brunch that followed. You will have many opportunities to be involved with KEPTA, and I hope you take full advantage. We would not be able to offer many of the opportunities and events for students that we offer without their generous support. Several of our KEPTA parents have children who are getting older, so KEPTA officers are starting to look for a new generation of moms and dads to take over the reins, and it is a great way to make a difference in your child’s school experience. For more information about KEPTA, you can reach them at If you are looking for other ways to be involved at KES this year, by all means, please let me know. You can email me at or call the KES office at (207) 985-4402.

For our new Kindergartners, a form will be coming home to sign regarding Agreement to Publish Student Information. We hope you will check both boxes. We have many opportunities each year to highlight and share student experiences with the pubic, and last year we had only four students who couldn’t participate in this way. Please know, we will never release your child’s name and image together to the media without speaking to your first. If you have concerns regarding your child’s privacy, please call me at KES, so I can explain the protections and limits of this form.

Here at KES we hope you will join us for lunch at Sharksbites, the KES Café, when you can. Lunch times are as follows: 3rd grade at 11:00am, 2nd grade at 11:30am, 1st grade at 12:00 noon, and Kindergarten at 12:30pm. We will celebrate Maine agriculture during Maine Harvest Week from September 18th  to September 22nd. This year our menu includes beef from Archer Angus Farm, chicken from Maine-ly Poultry, potatoes from Pineland Farms, broccoli from Presque Isle, corn from Harris Farms and vegetables from Fenderson Farms. Children love having moms and dads dine with us, and it is a nice way for you to see your child in a social setting with their peers, so please join us!

Starting Monday, we will be having a Coin Drive to support schools impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. We have placed jars in every classroom here at KES, so please send in your loose change and help us support some folks who can really use the help at this time. As a district we will be collecting change for this great cause until September 28th. Please see the attached letter from Dr. Hawes for more information.

Starting on September 19th, 2nd and 3rd graders will participate in our annual Violin Artist in Residence with Portland Symphony Orchestra instructor Pam Doughty and Sarah Hoag. Kindergarten and 1st graders will participate during the second half of the year, once they have settled in. If you child is inspired by this experience, they can use our violins to take lessons through Kennebunk Parks and Recreation during the weeks that we are not using the violins here at KES. Please contact Kennebunk Parks and Recreation at (207) 985-6890 for more information on violin lessons.

We had our first Assembly of the year today. Among other things, we introduced Responsibility as our Character Trait of the month. Please join us in looking for ways to recognize and reinforce responsible behaviors, and please join us for Friday Morning Meeting each Friday at 8:15am.

Three quick reminders:

1. If you need to let us know about a change in your child’s end-of-day plans, please contact the office by 2:00pm at the latest.

2. The annual KEPTA sponsored Ice Cream Social, will take place on September 29th from 4:00pm to 6:00pm here at KES, behind the school.

3. KES Open House, October 3rd from 5:30 to 6:30pm….Save the date!

For families who are new to our district, I generally send out a newsletter at the end of each full week to let you know how things are going at KES and to keep you informed in general. If you need to go back to a newsletter after you have deleted it, you can find them archived in chronological order on our website. If you select “Administration” at the bottom of our KES webpage, you can always find them on my page. I am in the process of creating a KES Twitter account, so you will soon be able to “follow” us at KES….So stay tuned, and have a great weekend!

Yours in Education,
Mr. Quinn

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