NOTICE for all Arundel high school and middle school students riding Buses 1 and 37. Effective Monday September 19, some high school and middle school students currently assigned to Buses 1 and 37 will be reassigned to Bus 22. Please review the revised high school and middle school schedules for Buses 1, 22, and 37 presented in RED below. Please note this change affects high school and middle school students ONLY - there are no changes to Arundel elementary Buses 1, 22, and 37.

Transportation 15-16

The Transportation Department at RSU 21 is committed to the safe and reliable transportation of all of the students in our district. Our staff is comprised of 40 school bus drivers, 13 Bus Aides, 1 Head Bus Driver, 2 Mechanics and 1 Director.
Each morning and afternoon our drivers perform a pre-trip inspections on their assigned vehicles ensuring that they are safe and free of defects before they leave on their routes. Last year our fleet of school buses and vans logged over 580,000 miles transporting students to-and-from school, on field trips and athletic trips.

All of our buses are equipped with GPS systems to track the location and speed of our vehicles. They are also equipped with interior security cameras with audio to monitor occupant behavior. As of July 2015, all of our daily route buses are equipped with exterior cameras mounted by the stop arm to record motorists who illegally pass our buses when they are stopped loading or unloading students with their red lights flashing. The pictures and video can be copied by the Transportation Department and sent to our local law enforcement agencies to use to track down the offenders. Also, all of our new buses that we purchase now are equipped with Rapid-Flash LED Warning Lights. These features are added safety measures we are taking to ensure safe student transportation across our district.

We look forward to another great school year transporting the students of RSU 21. If at any time you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to e-mail or call us at the Transportation Department.


Director of Transportation - Sandy Fecteau

Head Bus Driver - Ellen Hanson

Mechanic - Frank West

Mechanic - Bill Temple

116 York Street
Kennebunk, ME 04043
Phone: 207.985.2622


Kennebunk Drivers

2 - Dave Reynolds

3 - Dennis LaPointe

7 - Heidi Reddy

9 - Walter Strayer

14 - Paul Sandini

15 - Tammie Walsh

18 - Julie Huff

21 - Georgia Hersey

25 - Robin Millard

27 - Renda Turner

28 - Beverly Simpson

30 - Charlie Hayes

32 - Ron Aromando





Kennebunkport Drivers

4 - Patricia Bourque

6 - Richard Williamson

12 - Jonathan Whitehouse

29 - Judy Ouellette-Tingley


Arundel Drivers

1 - Joyce Letellier

22 - Ann Lantagne

31 - Ray Porelle

33 - Bonnie Miller

37 - Kristin Woodward

Special Services / Vocational Drivers

5 - Bill Allaire

10 - Jeanne Leland

23 - Chrissy Nightingale

35 - John Buonopane

36 - Darlene Cumback

38 - Connie Frechette

40 - Richard Heikkinen

41 - Russell Burnham

42 - Cheryl Dumas

43 - Cathy Noonan

44 - Jim Nadeau

V3 - Carrie Billings


Utility Drivers

UT1 - Cindy Messier

UT2 - John Francis

UT3 - open


Special Services Bus Aides

Patricia Chase

Bernie Dalton

Wendy Duane

John Gibbons

Lorraine Gionest

Brenda Lacaillade

Sheila Strayer

Denise Walker

Shirley White