KHS Guidance - 10th Grade Information and Resources

Career Awareness and Exploration

Students in grade 10 will participate in comprehensive career awareness and exploration large group activity in the health class. The purpose of the programming is to enable students to make the connection between content areas, schoolwork, and career, college, and citizenship goals. Students will learn where resources are located and what kind of information each resource provides.  Students will complete a career awareness activity that leads to an exploration of various college and career websites.

Counselors are working with students to ensure that:

  1. The students are able to identify their three letter Holland Code

  2. Student will complete a career exploration activity to identify the following information:

  • The level of education/training required for the career

  • The related majors and related careers

  • What is the outlook for this career? (What is the expected rate of growth or decline for this position in the future?)

  • Information about wages (average salary)

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In 9th, 10th and 11th grade, the counselors will conduct large group presentations in the classroom to present and explore the various pathways available at KHS. 

Every year, the students will be able to do the following:

  • Students will review the course selection process at KHS

  • Students will update their 4 year academic planner (credit check for graduation)

  • Students will be guided on how to access further information on the various pathways available.

Pathways at KHS

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PSAT Information

Khan Academy

Khan Academy Official SAT Practice
Counselors highly recommend that students utilize the free Khan Academy SAT preparation material to improve performance. Khan Academy offers personalized test preparation based on PSAT results. This site offers eight official full length practice tests, plus study and test taking tips.  It also allows students to import PSAT/NMSQT results and pinpoint areas for practice. Students will receive constant feedback and progress throughout the tutorial. 

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