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A message from Superintendent Dr. Terri Cooper

A message from Superintendent Dr. Terri Cooper

Dear RSU 21 teachers, staff, and community,

I am reaching out to discuss the recent events surrounding the comments made by former School Board Chair Erin Nadeau and to provide some clarity on the matter.

Mrs. Nadeau made some unfortunate remarks on Facebook in response to another post following Monday night's District School Budget Meeting. Consequently, she has decided to step down from her position on the board. While her departure marks the end of her tenure, our focus remains on moving forward together as a district.

As Mrs. Nadeau mentioned in her resignation letter, It is important to note that her comments do not align with the views or sentiments of the RSU 21 Administration or the school board. It is regrettable that Mrs. Nadeau made these comments, especially during Teacher Appreciation Week, a time when we should be focusing on recognizing the incredible work our teachers do every day. I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for each and every one of them, for the dedication, expertise, and care they bring to our students and our community. Our school district is truly enhanced by their presence.

We are currently in a period of heightened emotions, and there will undoubtedly be passionate discourse. However, it is crucial that we maintain a respectful and civil dialogue throughout these discussions. Our school district thrives when we work collaboratively, but we all suffer when actions are taken that create division among us.

The entire RSU 21 Administration is dedicated to fostering the best possible environment for our students and staff. I eagerly anticipate working with all of you as we bring another successful school year to a close.



Dr. Cooper