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News Release: Voters approve RSU 21 school budget for upcoming fiscal year

KENNEBUNK, Maine - Residents of Arundel, Kennebunk, and Kennebunkport have approved the RSU 21 school budget for fiscal year 2025.

2,362 voters across the three towns were in favor of the budget, while 1,928 were against it.

“I applaud the residents of Arundel, Kennebunk, and Kennebunkport for supporting this budget,” said RSU 21 Superintendent Dr. Terri Cooper. “It includes much-needed funding for important projects such as building safety improvements, as well as staff salary raises that will keep our district competitive for years to come.”

The district also congratulates school board incumbents Britney Gerth of Arundel and Megan Michaud of Kennebunkport for winning reelection, as well as the four new members elected to the RSU 21 School Board of Directors: Rachel Kennedy-Smith of Kennebunkport, Kirstan Watson of Arundel, Abigail Spadone, and Matthew Stratford, both of Kennebunk. 

Diane Franz, who lost her reelection bid to Kennedy-Smith, along with Peter Sentner and Amanda Downing, are the three members not returning to the board for the upcoming school year. Sentner and Downing chose not to run for reelection at the end of their terms.

“We look forward to working with the newly elected board members,” Cooper said. “We also thank Diane, Peter, and Amanda for their service to the district. All gave countless hours of their time to ensure RSU 21 is one of the best school districts in Maine.”


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Community News: June 7, 2024

Here is the Community News for June 7, 2024 from the RSU 21 Central Office.

Included this week:

  • "Daphne" statue dedication at Sea Road School
  • 4th Annual Amazing Shake contest winners
  • Helpful FAQ page ahead of Tuesday's budget vote
News release: RSU 21 teachers begin specialized training to become certified dyslexia educators

KENNEBUNK, Maine - Seven teachers from RSU 21, along with one teacher from the New School in Kennebunk, are enrolled in a training program through the Portland Children’s Dyslexia Center that, upon completion, will empower those educators to provide quality learning experiences for their students who show characteristics of dyslexia.

The training is free for all participants thanks to a generous $48,000 donation from the Arundel Masonic Lodge #76. RSU 21 covered the cost of books and other learning materials for the participants.

Orton Gillingham Training at RSU 21

“I am beyond thankful to the Masons for their generosity in investing in this outstanding professional development opportunity for our dedicated educators," said Rachel Bratter, Director of Special Services at RSU 21. "This rigorous and meaningful training will empower our teachers to provide individualized, targeted programming that directly addresses the unique needs of each student they serve. I'm in awe of their commitment to lifelong learning and serving the whole child.”

The teachers undergoing the training will be certified at the practitioner 1 level by the Portland Children's Dyslexia Center, which uses Orton-Gillingham, a highly structured approach that breaks reading and spelling down into smaller skills involving letters and sounds, then builds those skills over time. 

Arundel Lodge Treasurer Jonathan Rosen said it was important for his group to invest in a cause that would lead to measurable benefits for the community.

“It is one thing to write a check, but it’s another thing to actually move the ball,” Rosen said. “This is a program that has demonstrated success, and we are excited to partner with RSU 21 and the Portland Children’s Dyslexia Center in this effort.”

Each participant must complete 16 classes to become certified. Participants must also complete a practicum that includes supervised and guided practice with students who show characteristics of dyslexia. 

The expected completion date for this cohort is December 2024.

Click here to learn more about the Portland Children’s Dyslexia Center.


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KHS Class of 2024, which began high school during the COVID-19 Pandemic, earn their diplomas

KENNEBUNK, Maine - One hundred sixty-seven seniors at Kennebunk High School earned their diplomas during a sun-soaked ceremony on Sunday, June 2.

The Class of 2024 began their high school journey in the fall of 2020 at the height of remote learning and other protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“They’ve come so far in these three years that they truly are a great class,” Principal Jeremie Sirois said in his commencement address. “Many principals say that. When I say it, I truly mean it. They’re very personable. We have a lot of kids going on to do great things.”

The KHS Class of 2024:

  • Tyler Alexander 
  • Kyle Ames 
  • John Angelichio 
  • Hazel Armentrout 
  • Ivy Armentrout 
  • Isabella Awbrey 
  • Nicholas Baptista 
  • Sienna Barnes 
  • Elliot Barron 
  • Jonah Barstow 
  • Keara Battagliese 
  • Emma Belanger 
  • Lillian Belanger 
  • Ebben Bertus-Trudo 
  • Olivia Bishop 
  • Owen Bourque 
  • Oliver Boxall 
  • Emmett Brenden-Dodson 
  • Morgan Buco 
  • Andrew Burnham 
  • Gillian Camp 
  • Mckenzie Caron 
  • Isaac Carrio 
  • William Celi 
  • Knox Christopher 
  • Nicholas Cipolla 
  • Ashleigh Cluff 
  • Gray Compton 
  • Alexis Cousens 
  • Anson Cox 
  • Kaidin Currie 
  • George Cutone 
  • Dylan Cyr 
  • Kennady Cyr 
  • Jacob Darrah 
  • Samantha DiNallo 
  • Hailey Doty 
  • Dakota Dow 
  • Quinn Downing 
  • Braden Draghetti 
  • Jillian Elkins 
  • Hailey Ewing 
  • Bennett Ewy 
  • Matthew Ewy 
  • Turner Fadiman 
  • Seamus Faherty 
  • Sophia Foy 
  • Karl Frost 
  • Meghan Fuller 
  • Kierney Gable 
  • Emily Gagne 
  • Yancy Gil Trejo 
  • Miranda Godek 
  • Callie Gogos 
  • Rashonda “Relghie” Goodson 
  • Brenden Goodwin 
  • Isabel Grabowski 
  • Keegan Gralia 
  • Ava Hackley 
  • Connor Harlow 
  • Jaime Harrington 
  • Jake Hebert 
  • Danielle Hersom 
  • Drew Highbarger 
  • Ella Highbarger 
  • Aiden Horgan 
  • Anya Horne 
  • Madison Hosking 
  • Grace Hutchins 
  • Qiana Hyman 
  • Robert Jacanin 
  • Samuel Jacanin 
  • Ian Jacobs 
  • Colby Jameyson 
  • Gabriel Jewett 
  • Dylan Jones 
  • Isaac Kahn 
  • Michelle Kane 
  • Calia Keenan 
  • Tristan Kimball 
  • Trevor Kirn 
  • Dorian Krastev 
  • Sophia Labonte 
  • Avery LaBua 
  • Caden Lacadie-Bolduc 
  • Amelia LaCascia 
  • Chance Lauer 
  • Briar Lawn 
  • George Lazos 
  • Kaleb Leach 
  • Brandon Lemire 
  • Joseph Lindstrom 
  • Badb “Crow” Lowry 
  • Maeve MacAulay 
  • Casey Maguire 
  • Cam Maurer 
  • Ambrose Maynes 
  • Edwin McCarron 
  • Erin McDermott 
  • Erin McNeilly 
  • Hedda Meier 
  • Cassie Midgley 
  • Evan Mills 
  • Angela Moreno 
  • Ian Morrison 
  • Olivia Murray 
  • Mara Muse 
  • Jack Nadeau 
  • Penelope Nadeau 
  • Serenity Namiotka 
  • Dalia Nelson 
  • Benjaman Nguyen 
  • Samantha Nill 
  • Sophia Notine 
  • Laird O'Brien 
  • Vincent Orrino 
  • Micah Osgood 
  • Anthony Palmeri 
  • Benjamin Pargellis 
  • Antonina Parsons 
  • Mckenna Patterson 
  • Anelise Peterson 
  • Xander Pettis 
  • Johlyn Poissant 
  • Susan Pollard 
  • James Prichard 
  • Erika Ramirez Marroquin 
  • Henry Read 
  • Jaxson Redmond 
  • Nevaeh Reynolds 
  • Trey Richardson 
  • Riley Roberts 
  • Samuel Roberts 
  • William Roberts 
  • Griffin Robinson 
  • Hannah Roche 
  • Benjamin Rossics 
  • David Rush 
  • Nathaniel Scardino 
  • Nathanael Schmidt 
  • Lorien Schulte 
  • Noah Seebeck 
  • Andrew Sliwkowski 
  • Elisa Smith 
  • Isabel Smith 
  • Austin St. Jean 
  • Andrew Stevens 
  • Madison Stevens 
  • Jaden Stewart-McCabe 
  • Dakota Stone 
  • Carter Sweeney 
  • Amelia Tartre 
  • Jacob Thompson 
  • Eden Thurm 
  • Emelia Towne 
  • Justin Trefry 
  • Kaitlyn Trefry 
  • Mia Trentalange 
  • Hannah Viden 
  • Olivia Wheeler 
  • Isabella White 
  • Oliver White 
  • Trevor Williams 
  • Ella Wilson 
  • Joseph Woloszyn 
  • Lily Wright 

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