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Use of School Facility Application

Please review the Use of School Facilities policy below. Scroll down to agree to the terms and continue to the Community Use Application Form. 

KF - Use of School Facilities

The Board of School directors of RSU 21 recognizes that the primary purpose for use of school facilities is to deliver its education programs. RSU 21 also recognizes that schools have traditionally been community meeting places and centers of local interest.

The school buildings and facilities in the communities of RSU 21 represent a substantial investment by the District and the towns, and for many purposes are the most suitable facilities available; therefore, the Board of School Directors encourages the use of school facilities for approved school-related and community activities. Preference for use shall be given in the order of the priorities listed below:

1. School activities: curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular.

2. Official school-related bodies, including the Board of Directors and its sub-committees, teacher organizations, and organizations wholly or primarily devoted to the schools

3. Local government agencies, including the Towns’ Recreation Departments.

4. Responsible civic and social organizations with special consideration to those organizations which commonly contribute to school and youth programs.

5. Youth organizations fully meeting the requirements of the Board of Directors as to continuous and adequate supervision.

6. All other groups wishing to use the facilities

The Superintendent is responsible for developing administrative regulations which provide for timely applications, uses which do not interfere with educational or extracurricular programs of the public school students, preference to local organizations and the acceptance of appropriate responsibility and liability. These factors are to further guide community use:

1. A certificate of insurance shall be required as appropriate to the particular use;

2. No alcoholic beverages may be brought onto school property at any time;

3. Tobacco use shall not be allowed on school property at any time;

4. School facilities may not be used for any illegal purposes;

5. Community adults and children are free to use outdoor grounds and facilities for recreation whenever not otherwise scheduled. However formal approval of buildings and grounds use will only be granted to recognized organizations and groups

6. Any approval of the use of school facilities requires the signing of Facility Use Agreement setting forth the conditions of use;

7. Application for use is to be made through the Principal, with final approval determined by the Superintendent; and

8. Repeat use may be denied to any group which has not demonstrated appropriate conduct and care.

Amended: 01/12/98

Amended: 08/22/05

Reviewed: 06/21/10

I agree to the terms and conditions