Students Doing Good Things:

KHS School Spirit Challenge/Food Drive

This year, a couple of KHS students decided to do something to give back to their community. In doing so, they chose to participate in the School Spirit Challenge this fall. This event incorporates a food drive, and a pep rally that promote participation within the community both inside and outside of school.

The week of September 28 will be the focus week for collecting non-perishable items. Each day, there will be a theme, such as pasta or canned vegetables. We ask that students try to participate each day, as we are trying to reach our goal of 10,000 pounds of food. Funds are just as important as collecting non-perishables, and are greatly appreciated. We have created a website where you can donate food and/or funds towards the cause. This website can be found at the link: On this website, you can choose food items to donate through a virtual grocery store, or donate funds directly to the cause.

A portion of the proceeds do go directly to local food pantries in addition to being distributed to families in need throughout the state. Every dollar donated equals four meals for a family in need. Beginning next week, we will have collection boxes in various locations throughout the high school to collect both food and funds to go toward our totals.

In addition, on the morning of October 2 from 6-8 AM Channel 13 News will be at KHS hosting a televised pep rally. We ask that students arrive by 5:45 AM so that we can set up and allow the news crew to do the same. Throughout that time we will be participating in various school-wide events.  Any contributions are greatly appreciated. We thank you for your support for our school and community!

Growth Mindset Kit from Stanford University

A Mindset Kit –Stanford University’s PERTS research center introduces free online courses. The Growth Mindset kit has separate courses for teachers, students, parents, and leaders who want to bring a growth-mindset way of thinking in their lives/practices. 

I have watched two of the video courses so check them out and let me know what you think.



As I near the end of my second month, I am far more excited about being part of RSU 21 as I was on my first day. I’ve had numerous stimulating meetings with our school leaders, and met with more than 40 staff and community members.

One thing is certain--the RSU 21 staff and community is willing to go the extra mile to help students succeed. That includes offering many unique and individualized learning opportunities at all grade levels so that students reach their highest potential.

Next week RSU 21 will be holding our new teacher orientation and I look forward to welcoming the new staff and sharing what I have learned thus far.

Google Classroom Provides Updated Features

1- Engage students with question-driven debates
With this new update teachers are able to add more interactivity to the content they share with their students in Classroom by posing questions and allowing students to answer and hold discussions around them. ‘ For example, you could post a video and ask students to answer a question about it, or post an article and ask them to write a paragraph in response.’

2- Re-use posts
Teachers now are able to re-use materials they used in the previous school year. You can easily grab an assignment or an announcement from one of your last year’s classes and add the changes you want then share it with your students. This applies both to the classes you teach or the ones you co-teach.

3- Calendar Integration
Starting next month, Classroom will automatically create a calendar for each of your classes in Google Calendar and all assignments with due dates will be kept updated. You will also be able to access your calendar right from your Classroom page.

Other features announced today include:
A-Bump a post:
When you want to make sure an older item is easy for students to find, you can now move any post to the top of the stream.
B- Due dates optional:
For long-term projects or student-driven assignments, you’ll now have the option to create assignments that don’t have due dates.
C- Attach a Google Form to a post: 
Many teachers have been using Google Forms as an easy way to assign a test, quiz or survey to the class. Coming in the next few weeks, teachers and students will soon be able to attach Google Forms from Drive to posts and assignments, and get a link in Classroom to easily view the answers.’

SBEC Professional Development Collaboration

Some teachers from RSU 21 are participating in a two day workshop with staff from Saco School Department. Over the past year and a half the districts within the Saco Bay Educational Collaborative (SBEC) have worked collaboratively to develop results-oriented systems of proficiency-based learning. The work has specifically focused on helping schools to build capacity to establish and maintain policy and practices that support proficiency-based learning focused on increasing achievement for all students. 

Entry & Learning Plan Implementation

Entry & Learning Plan Implementation

I am currently in month two of my entry and learning plan and have had the pleasure of interviewing upwards of thirty individuals. Below you will find a brief summary of the purpose of the entry and learning plan.

My entry and learning plan is designed to help me develop an in-depth understanding of all the unique aspects of the RSU 21 Public Schools and Communities. Under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Hawes, Superintendent of Schools, I will:

Listen — Spend time with students, teachers, parents, principals, school district administrators and employees, community and business members.

Learn — Analyze and study performance data and other student achievement data. Read and review existing district.

Build — Establish strong working relationships and build rapport with students, teachers, parents, principals, school district administrators and employees, community and business members.

The transition activities outlined in this plan are designed to enable me to quickly and effectively listen to and learn from a wide range of people involved directly and indirectly in RSU 21.

The GOALS of the Entry & Learning Planning Process are too:

Build trust by developing strong mechanisms for collaboration and communication.

Increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Support a positive and effective district climate focused on high student achievement.

Identify areas of innovation, transformation and effectiveness.

Provide entry and learning plan data to the current strategic planning committee that is currently under way.