Facilities Committee

After considering proposals from architectural and engineering firms with home offices from Bangor, ME to Los Angeles, CA, the district Facilities Committee recommended to the Board that they hire Harriman, of Auburn and Portland to complete the space utilization study and make recommendations to the Board for future facilities use. We must undertake this study to develop options for renovating/upgrading existing facilities, constructing new facilities, or restructuring our current structure. As with the Strategic Planning process, community input will be a critical component of this study. You can stay apprised of our progress, and opportunities for involvement, by checking this webpage on a regular basis.

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Facilities Committee

Facilities Committee Members

MaryBeth Luce - Board Member
Brad Huot - Board Member
Peter Fellenz - Board Member
Mike Mosher - Board Member

Jack Reetz- Community
Estelle Wellman - Community                                                     John Sharood - Community

Katie Hawes - RSU Staff
Bruce Rudolph - RSU Staff
Alyce Swan - RSU Staff
Kevin Crowley - RSU Staff