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Technology Services Mission:

To provide outstanding educational and administrative technology support and services to all members of the RSU 21 Community.



How can I request access to a blocked website?

We have an Internet filter in place to protect our students as required by the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA). We also filter out traffic that is bandwidth intensive and unrelated to the needs of our school district. The filtering mechanism uses broad categories to segment traffic and sometimes legitimate sites are blocked. If you find a site that you would like unblocked for your school, please notify your building principal.

What is my password?

It is easy to forget a password with all of the online portals and programs that are available to educators today. If you need a reminder or a new password for network or email access please contact Jon Williams. If you need a PowerSchool password please contact Waynn Welton.

I would like to purchase something...

Each building has their own technology budget. Responsible fiscal planning requires a vision that incorporates curriculum, technology, and district goals. Please try to align your requests with these three criterion.

I need software installed...

Only legally licensed, district approved software will be installed on school computers. Requests for installation should be sent to your building or grade level technology coordinator.

I would like a blog or website...

For information on either of these tools please contact Jamie Jensen.

I have a question about NWEAs...

NWEA testing questions should be directed to our NWEA Coordinator, Polly Meinders.

I would like to request professional development...

Please contact Sheila Wells with your request. 

Jamie Jensen  Director of IT Services 177 Alewive Road Kennebunk, ME 04043 Phone: 207.985.2791

Jamie Jensen
Director of IT Services
177 Alewive Road
Kennebunk, ME 04043
Phone: 207.985.2791