KCS Tel-U-Gram - March 8, 2019

There are not enough adequate words to express how proud we are of our play performers. We are grateful to KCPTA and all the individuals who spent time ensuring that the play was a positive experience for our students. They've worked hard, yet enjoyed their time together. All three performances (including the dress rehearsal during the school day) were enjoyable to watch. We've heard lots of feedback about how wonderful this year's production has been. Thanks, KCPTA, and everyone who helped.

Last Friday, Sue Richardson and Janet Wendle spoke with us about their organization called Lucky Pup Rescue and how that work relates to our STARS success skills. We appreciate them taking the time to share that experience with us. This Friday, Leia Lowery from Kennebunkport Conservation Trust will be joining us to talk about STARS in her life. Thanks to our community members for participating in this important work and reinforcing how STARS extends well beyond the school walls. 

Happy Weekend,

Karen Bubar, 


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