KCS Tel-U-Gram June 6, 2019

We are sending out the Tel-u-Gram a day early to remind everyone about the KCPTA-sponsored Benefit Dinner for Super Wy (Wyatt Sargent and his family) being held tomorrow night (Friday) 6:00-8:00 on the town field across the street from the school. We hope you can join us for lots of fun activities, all for a good cause too.

Tomorrow morning, our students in grades three through five will participate in our third annual Amazing Shake. The teachers have been working hard planning all the logistics. The students have been working hard to practice their SPECIAL skills. We look forward to a fun morning with many community members joining us. 

Earlier this week, our fourth graders culminated an immigration unit by participating in a simulation event. They had all created their own characters and back stories for the day, then engaged in activities as those characters to get a sense of what it was like for immigrants to come to America years ago. We appreciate all the parent volunteers who helped; we couldn't have done it all without you! 

If your child's birthday is in June, we will be calling them to the birthday circle at tomorrow's Friday Morning Meeting. If your child celebrates their birthday in July or August, we will be calling them up to the circle next Friday. 

Happy Weekend, Karen Bubar, Principal


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