KES Newsletter - October 13, 2017

Hello KES families,

I hope you are well! I want to start by thanking the Kennebunk Fire Department for being here with us for Fire Safety today. We had Captain Barry Jones and fire fighters Dean Auriemma, Jen Samsel, Keegan Rickter, Conner Curran and Joshua McCann. They talked about identifying two ways out of your house in the event of a fire, they modeled Stop Drop and Roll, and they showed our students how fire fighters don and strip their gear. I have attached some homework for parents on making a home fire escape plan. We want you to all stay safe! Next week at our Friday Morning Meeting we will have an evacuation (fire) drill in the middle of our assembly. We have never practiced evacuating our entire school population from the gym, so the KES Emergency Operations Committee has decided that this year we will do just that. If you join us for Friday Morning Meeting next week, you will have the opportunity to leave the assembly just prior to the drill, or plan to stay and evacuate with us….we hope you stay!

I learned today that an incorrect date for our Kindergarten Jump Start dance showcase was shared with parents of KJS students. I apologize to folks who were with us this morning expecting that performance. That showcase is scheduled for next Friday’s Friday Morning Meeting, 10/20/17. We will offer an encore version of that performance on 11/3/17, so if you came this morning and you aren’t able to be with us two Friday’s in a row, you will also have an opportunity in November to catch their act. As cute as they are, I promise it will be worth returning for! My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.  

We have begun our Square 1 Art programming once again. You may remember it from two years ago when we raised almost $6,000.00 to send four World War II veterans and one Korean war veteran to their memorials in Washington DC through Honor Flight. Once again you will be able to purchase a wide variety of household items online showcasing your child’s original artwork. The fundraiser will occur in time to purchase items as holiday gifts. This year proceeds will support wounded warriors. Please see the attached letter from our Art Teacher, Tina Defilipp for more information.

KEPTA has asked me to remind everyone that their biggest fundraiser of the year (OK, Go!) is scheduled for October 17th. One of their correspondence described it as a Walk-a-thon for kindergarten, but this year, Kindergarten, like all of our grades will enjoy a Dance-a-Thon. Please help KEPTA support our schools and return your packet by October 17th.

The Girl Scouts have asked me to remind everyone about their Fantasy Ball on October 28th at the Brick Store Museum Program Center. If your child loves dressing up, dancing and sweet treats, search “Fantasy Ball Kennebunk” through Eventbrite, or contact Heather Larrabee at (207) 216-1153.

And finally, two KES reminders….This coming Thursday is Picture Day, and this coming Friday is our student Flu Clinic. Call the office at KES (207) 985-4402 if you have any questions about either! Have a great weekend!

Yours in Education,
Mr. Quinn

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