RSU 21 Awarded a Grant for New, Low-emissions, School Bus

RSU 21 has been awarded a grant through Volkswagon Corperation for 80% of funding toward a new, lower-emisson, school bus for the 2019-20 school year. The grant, authored by Director of Operations, Dr. Stephen Marquis, will save our taxpayers approximately $70,000 and keep clean, safe, buses on our roads.

According to Dr. Marquis, “The financial support provided by the Maine Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Action, will enable RSU21 to further it’s efforts in environmental stewardship and improved health benefits achieved through the replacement of aging buses while also reducing the impact on local taxpayers.”

Each school day, RSU 21 runs 31 regular buses to shuttle students to and from school. Additionally, several spare buses are on fleet for field trips, sporting events, and use during the upkeep of regular buses. As part of a 10-year replacement cycle, the School Board of Directors plan to replace three buses each year.  Each bus costs roughly $90,000.