KES Newsletter - February 15, 2018

Hello KES Families,

I hope you are well. Given tragic events in Florida yesterday, I thought it would be a good time remind everyone of the many security measures we keep in place here at KES. In the event that your child becomes aware of yesterday’s incident, reminding your child of some of the safety precautions that we employ could go a long way towards comforting them at this time. Those precautions include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. All KES staff and all volunteers at KES must submit to background checks. All of the people who spend time here are people who love and protect children.
  2. Regarding visitors, any time a new first-time visitor comes to KES, we screen them through our Ident-a-kid system in the vestibule. This includes everyone from first time parents, to delivery personnel. While I wouldn’t share all of the details of the system with children, parents should know that our system screens visitors against all of the Registered Sex Offender lists for all 50 states in the country. It also slows down the entry process, allowing us to observe the behaviors of people seeking entry prior to their entering the building.
  3. Part of why we only allow parents down in the classroom wings when they have an appointment to be there is so we can manage the number of people who have access to classrooms. As much as we love having great parent involvement here at KES, by limiting the number of community members down in the classroom wings, anyone who may not have a reason to be in that part of the building stands out to staff, and can be redirected back to the office.
  4. Ten drills each year including Evacuation, Reverse-Evacuation, Lock-down, and Hold-in-place are held at KES, to keep both students and staff comfortable with these processes. Different variations of these drills, like the evacuation from Friday Morning Meeting that we practiced in October, keep staff thinking on their feet and looking for potential issues that could arise.
  5. Twelve KES staff members participate in several meetings each year as part of our KES Incident Command Team to manage and discuss safety measures in our building.
  6. Multiple staff members at KES collectively hold certifications for trainings including but not limited to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), ALICE (Alert Lockdown, Inform, Counter/Cover, Evacuate), CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), AED (Automated External Defibrillator), First Aid, Opioid Response, and all staff participate in Epi-Pen administration.
  7. Staff wear identification badges and carry red emergency backpacks for each class containing student contact information, student ID cards with photos, student medical information, necessary medications, first aid kits, flashlights, mylar blankets,  maps, and other necessary items.
  8. In recent years KES staff have participated in offsite evacuations, active shooter presentations, and this March during Early Release Wednesday we have scheduled an Active Shooter training with Kennebunk Police Department and the Portland Police Department.
  9. We provide evacuation procedures and safety protocols for substitutes, and a system of numbered exterior doors, and lockdown magnets for all interior doors.
  10. Additionally for the last year we have implemented and installed CopSync, which is a real-time emergency notification system. We are currently looking into different similar options that will better interface with the technology platforms we utilize….more information to come regarding progress in that area.

While I would certainly not share all of this information with children, as parents you can decide for yourself what might be appropriate. If you have other thoughts or ideas related to safety….by all means, please let me know. And please join me in keeping the people of Parkland, Florida in your thoughts.

On a happier note, I want to thank all of the 2nd grade parents and family members who joined us last Friday for our 2nd grade Concert. Thanks to Mr. Michaud for putting together a great showcase for us to enjoy, and thanks to the 2nd grade teachers for helping backstage with crowd control. Unfortunately all of the photos that our student photographers took of the concert came out blurry, so if anyone got a good photo of the 2nd graders up on the stage, I would love it if you sent it my way!

KES will be participating in Bikes for Books again this year. From now until April 27th, for all book that KES students read, they can earn tickets to enter in the Bikes for Books boxes in their classrooms. On April 27th, the York Lodge Masons will be with us to hold drawings at Friday Morning Meeting. One boy and one girl from each classroom will win a new bike provided by the masons. If you are looking for an exciting Friday Morning Meeting to attend...try joining us for a 42 bicycle give-away!

Just a reminder that tomorrow Mr. McCarthy will host Jump Rope for Heart in the KES gym, so we will not be having our regularly scheduled Friday Morning Meeting. Tomorrow is the last day to send in Jump Rope for Heart packets, so please get those to us and help us have another great event for the American Heart Association.

Between now and April 16th, KES is helping some MSK students with their IB community service by collecting pet supplies for the Animal Welfare Society. Please see check out the hard-copy flyer in your child’s take home folder for information on the brands and products they are looking to collect. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Below, please find claiming instructions and a list of unclaimed raffle prizes from KEPTA’s Winter Carnival last Friday night:

Claiming Instructions:

If you have a winning ticket please message Angie Morin through Facebook or email her at Include your child's name, classroom teacher, and prize you are claiming.  Send the winning ticket into school in an envelope marked KEPTA (include on the envelope your child's name, classroom teacher, and prize). KEPTA will make one delivery of prizes after vacation.

Unclaimed Prizes:

Valentine Dog & Candy BLUE 5908725
Fish Toss Game BLUE 5908021
KKAYFA Bag & Gloves & Earband BLUE 5908045
Zandri's Martial Arts Class  WHITE 110177
Five Guys GC BLUE 5908288
Zandri's birthday party BLUE 4407926
Rock Climbing PINK 731912
Crystals WHITE 110162
Megablocks BLUE 5908733
Legos PINK 732014
Yankee Candle 4407961
Bowling BLUE 5908518
KES Principal for the Day BLUE 5908480

Please be on the lookout tomorrow for our new brochure highlighting the new RSU 21 Pre-K program at KES!

Yours in Education,
Mr. Quinn