June 29, 2016

It’s a busy summer at KHS! Building C has been emptied and is ready for demolition. 

The wing at the far right will remain to provide temporary classrooms during the renovation; it, too, will be demolished after the renovation is complete.

Nine teachers have been relocated to portables on the front lawn; three more will be moved to portables that are being moved to KHS this summer from Consolidated School.

Three other teachers are using classrooms in the lower level of the 1939 building for the next year.

The renovation completion date is Oct/Nov of 2017. At that time, the building will be a two-story oval with a courtyard in the center. The original façade of KHS will remain as it is, complete with the flag pole and cupola. The Veterans’ Memorial will remain intact.

April 22, 2016

A lot has happened during vacation week at KHS!

The traffic pattern will remain the same on Monday morning.  Now that the portables have been placed on the front lawn, the work operation will shift to the left of Gym A on drainage pipes, the driveway, etc. 

Teachers and students should enter the portables via the ramps; the stairs are for emergency exit only.

The doors at each end of the main building are now operating on swipe cards for entry and exit to the portables.

Thank you to PC construction, the maintenance crew, and the impacted teachers for all of their hard work and patience during the last week.

April 14, 2016

There will be a lot happening at KHS this weekend.  The construction management crew will be working on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in an effort to move ahead while faculty and students are out of the buildings.

Three of the portables from behind KHS will be moved to the front lawn to join the two new portable classrooms that were placed there earlier this week.  They will "travel" on flat bed trucks down the new driveway to the left of the gym.  The stairs and ramps built by our own maintenance team will be installed so that the portables will be ready for occupancy after vacation.  The IT crew will also have them connected.

The remaining portables, the "red wooden ones" will be moved behind Building C to serve as the the construction center.

A number of teachers' rooms will be moved as we clear the current wood shop and STEM lab so that construction can begin on the new kitchen.  The fact that the Building C English wing will remain throughout the renovation has provided us with 11 classrooms for use in addition to the portables.

Trees will be cleared behind the building so that the parking lot can be expanded.  All athletes will enter and depart through Gym A lobby door #9.  A fence has been installed behind the gym to separate the new driveway from the building. 

A huge thank you goes to our maintenance staff.  There will be approximately thirty workers from around the district helping to ensure that the building will be ready for students on April 25.  Thank you, too, to the teachers who have packed up their rooms to move in the midst of a school year.

April 8, 2016

This was a busy week at KHS.  PC Construction is preparing the front lawn for the modular classrooms that will be used during the renovation.  The top soil has been taken off-site and will be returned when the project is completed.  The flag pole has been removed, but it will also return once the portables are no longer out front.  Several trees are also being taken down, but the ones along Fletcher St and around the Veterans' Memorial will remain.  Memorial trees have been tagged and will be relocated.

During the renovations, students, faculty/staff, and visitors will park in the back of the buildings.  The area along Fletcher St. is for construction vehicles.

In the next week, three of the portables that are currently behind KHS will be moved to the front lawn via a driveway that will be cut to the left of the current Gym A.  Two new modulars will also be installed on the front lawn and ramps and walkways will be put in place so that the classrooms will be accessible after April vacation.  At the end of the year, two portables from Consolidated School will be added to the front lawn.  A major savings on the project has been the use of portables already owned by the district, as well as the use of the Building C "English wing" throughout the renovation.

Asbestos abatement has taken place in Building C and the portion of that building from Gym C, back to the art rooms, and over as far as the English wing will be taken down in July.  

The tennis courts will be removed as soon as spring sports end.  They will be relocated behind the football field and the area currently occupied by the tennis courts will become part of the parking lot.