April 14, 2016

There will be a lot happening at KHS this weekend.  The construction management crew will be working on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in an effort to move ahead while faculty and students are out of the buildings.

Three of the portables from behind KHS will be moved to the front lawn to join the two new portable classrooms that were placed there earlier this week.  They will "travel" on flat bed trucks down the new driveway to the left of the gym.  The stairs and ramps built by our own maintenance team will be installed so that the portables will be ready for occupancy after vacation.  The IT crew will also have them connected.

The remaining portables, the "red wooden ones" will be moved behind Building C to serve as the the construction center.

A number of teachers' rooms will be moved as we clear the current wood shop and STEM lab so that construction can begin on the new kitchen.  The fact that the Building C English wing will remain throughout the renovation has provided us with 11 classrooms for use in addition to the portables.

Trees will be cleared behind the building so that the parking lot can be expanded.  All athletes will enter and depart through Gym A lobby door #9.  A fence has been installed behind the gym to separate the new driveway from the building. 

A huge thank you goes to our maintenance staff.  There will be approximately thirty workers from around the district helping to ensure that the building will be ready for students on April 25.  Thank you, too, to the teachers who have packed up their rooms to move in the midst of a school year.