June 29, 2016

It’s a busy summer at KHS! Building C has been emptied and is ready for demolition. 

The wing at the far right will remain to provide temporary classrooms during the renovation; it, too, will be demolished after the renovation is complete.

Nine teachers have been relocated to portables on the front lawn; three more will be moved to portables that are being moved to KHS this summer from Consolidated School.

Three other teachers are using classrooms in the lower level of the 1939 building for the next year.

The renovation completion date is Oct/Nov of 2017. At that time, the building will be a two-story oval with a courtyard in the center. The original façade of KHS will remain as it is, complete with the flag pole and cupola. The Veterans’ Memorial will remain intact.

Students will not have to exit the building to get to their classes. The cafeteria, theater, library, offices, locker rooms, weight room, gym and all classrooms will be within one building. A driveway will extend around the entire complex.

Footings are now in place on the left of Gym A where the replacement gym, locker rooms, and weight rooms will go. Athletes are using the MSK weight room during the transition. All athletic camps and practices have been relocated to other sites in the district for the summer. The tennis courts have been removed, and the area has been cleared to the back right of the stadium for the new courts.

Footings are also in place behind the building where the new entrance to KHS will go, complete with administrative offices, guidance offices, and a cafeteria. Work is under way on the enlarged parking area which will extend beyond where the tennis courts were formerly located.

If you have business to conduct in the main office, guidance, or athletic office, please park on Fletcher St. outside the fence. There is a sign to indicate where you may enter to access the main building. You may call 985-1110 if you have questions.

It is important for the general public to note that the site is closed to activities on the ball fields, track, and tennis courts for the summer.