MSK 1st Quarter Report Cards

Dear parents and guardians:

The Parent Portal of PowerSchool has been reopened and you can now access you child's 1st quarter report card.

To view and print your child’s report card via the parent portal, please follow these steps:
•   Log in to PowerSchool.
•   Select the student you would like to view.
•   In the left side navigation window, select the Online Report Card link for your student’s school (this is the fourth link down in the Navigation panel).
•   In the Reporting Term - select the Quarter for the report card you would like to view (Q1 =Quarter 1, Q2 = Quarter 2, etc.)  Please note that only grades for a completed quarter are available for viewing via the report card.
•   If you would like to print the report card, the best method is to select the printer icon toward the upper right corner of the page - this will remove the browser border windows and provide for better printing.
•   Depending on your computer, printer and paper size - you may need to set your page to print in Landscape mode (instead of Portrait) for better results.

If you are having difficulties printing or need a hard copy of your child’s report card - please contact the MSK office at 467-8004.