MSK Grade Recovery Intensive Tutoring Program

Grade Recovery Intensive Tutoring Program

After School Make-up Sessions 

Dear parents and guardians,

It is our goal that each and every student is successful in all classes. It is a partnership that includes students, parents and staff. Many students who struggle academically do so as a result of issues stemming from work completion. We believe it is imperative that students, with support from teachers and parents, complete their work. 

However, the burden of responsibility needs to tip towards the student. In an effort to support students who, at the end of a term, have a “W” in a subject, MSK is piloting an after school program that allows for students to change their grades. The program, G.R.I.T. stands for Grade Recovery Intensive Tutoring. 

This after school program is designed to support students who have not successfully completed their work at the end of a term. In lieu of a failing grade, this program requires students to successfully complete assignments, assessments, etc… under the watchful eye of MSK staff. Students have up to three weeks to successfully complete their work.

If a student does not complete the program within the three weeks, they will receive a failing grade and will not be allowed to participate in after school activities.

How it works:
A student receives a “W” for a marking period in a given subject. The student will need to attend the GRIT after school program for their grade level.

That student’s subject teacher prepares work necessary for success for that specific student.

Student stays after school with an assigned grade level teacher.

Student has a maximum of six after-school sessions to complete the work.

Students may take the late bus home @ 4 p.m.

Students are assigned the grade earned for completing their work.

Additionally, during the after school sessions, students will be supported by administrators and counselors to help with strategies that promote work completion and academic success.

We are committed to supporting the needs of all students and we thank you for your continued support.


Jeff Rodman         Cory Steere
Principal                Assistant Principal