7th Grade Kieve Update

Dear 7th grade parents and guardians,

Despite the weather, students are having a wonderful time at Kieve. The rain let up shortly after they arrived on Monday and students were able to get outside for some team building activities. Though Tuesday had its wet moments, students were able to proceed with indoor activities and challenges. Mrs. Parkhurst was able to join students on Monday and Mr. Bouchard is at camp for Wednesday and Thursday. 

1) For those parents traveling up to Kieve on Thursday, the workshop begins at 9am with lunch at 11am and departure at 11:30am
2) For those parents picking up from Kieve but not attending the workshop or lunch, please arrive no later than 11am
3) Students who are not picked up from Kieve will return to MSK for a dismisal time of 1:30pm. Parents are asked to come into the gym to pick up their child at 1:30 so they are able to transport luggage home.