MSK Homework Help Guideline Updates

Dear parents and guardians:

After some discussion about how to best serve students attending Homework Help, we have made the decision to refresh this program’s description, which is outlined below. These updates are effective immediately.

Homework Help is an after-school program that provides students in grades 6-8 the opportunity to work in a quiet, structured environment. Students may attend Homework Help if:

  • They currently have a W in one or more classes.

  • They have missed one or more days of school and need to make up work.

  • They are requested by a classroom teacher to attend.

  • They need to use school books, technology, and/or materials that may not be available at home.

  • They have prior approved arrangements with a classroom teacher and/or the Homework Help Coordinator, Nicole Desjardins.

When students attend Homework Help, it is understood that they will follow these expectations:

  • Student must be working on homework, makeup work, or reading if work is finished early.

  • Student will not play games on their Chromebooks.

  • Cell phones are strictly prohibited - if parents need to contact a student, they may do so through the Main Office.

  • Students will remain quiet so that others are not disturbed.

  • Headphones or any device that elicits sound is prohibited unless permission has been given by a Homework Help staff member.

  • Students will remain under the supervision of a Homework Help staff member at all times. Bathroom breaks, locker visits, etc. will be at the discretion of Homework Help staff members.

If these expectations are not followed, the student will be excused from Homework Help to the office that afternoon, and the student’s privilege to attend Homework Help in the future may be revoked.

Thank you for your support in making sure our students have a safe and focused environment in which to complete work.

Please contact Nicole Desjardins,, if you have any questions.