Rise Against Hunger

Students representing grades K-12, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members came together this afternoon to Rise Against Hunger. RSU 21 partnered with Kraft Heinz to package 25,000 meals in under 2 hours tonight at KHS. These meals are distributed to 31 countries. In effort to break the cycle of world hunger, many of the meals are distributed through schools. If parents know their children are able to get two meals a day at school, they are less likely to withdraw them from school to work or beg for food. By providing the basics, and keeping kids in school, Rise Against Hunger’s mission is to end world hunger by 2030. We are proud to have been given the opportunity to help this mission. We hope you’ll partner with us again. @Rise2030 @kennebunkhigh @kennebunkportME @TownofKennebunk @Kennebunkpolice


Congratulations to the 2019 McClelland Scholarship Winners

Hurst Burnett  -  Piano - 4th Grade  - Sea Rd. School

Steve Coburn - Violin - 5th Grade -Sea Rd. School

Lucia Collin - Flute - 5th Grade - Sea Rd. School

Lily Downing - Clarinet - 5th Grade - Sea Rd. School 

Quinn Downing  - Saxophone - 7th Grade -  M.S.K.

Madeline Emery - Voice - 5th Grade - Sea Rd. School

Sam Leveille - Piano - 5th Grade - Sea Rd. School

Owen Libby - Drums -  5th Grade - Sea Rd. School

Sam Marquis - Drums - 8th Grade - M.S.K.

Juliet Rice - Voice - 5th Grade - Sea Rd. School

Carl Bartlett Award for Brass

Oliver Boxall - Trumpet - 7th Grade M.S.K.

Margaret Hollingsworth Award for Performance and Presentation

Jackson Lucier Voice - 5th Grade - Sea Rd. School

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned.  The judges are always impressed with the talent in RSU 21