News-Maine Regional School Unit 21

KHS Alternative Education Program at Kennebunk High School

The SeaShore Trolley Museum is the largest trolley museum in the world and is home to some of the first trolleys set aside for preservation. The trolley museum does frequent rides on the trolleys and has volunteers that run the trolleys. They also have a gift shop with some interesting trinkets.

The Alternative Education Program at Kennebunk High School is a program that lets students get out of the classroom and learn hands on. The program has built the trolley picnic tables, stools, done some painting for the Trolley Museum in the past. This time, however, Sally Bates, the Museum Director, has asked us to restore one of the walking paths that parallels one of their tracks.

It will act as a pathway from the museum to the barns. There used to be a path there, however with age it has grown over. The program was shown a picture of the path when it was there back in the 1970’s to use as a guide for the restoration. The trolley museum partnered with Kurt Hissong, Deering Lumber, and students from Thorton Academy to restore the path. Hissong supplied the material for the path, Deering supplied the posts for the fence, the students from Thorton Academy put up the posts, and the students in the Alternative Education Program spread the gravel and added edging to keep the stone dust and dirt separated. (Written by Nathan Bernier)