Supporting All Students

Thank you to the more than 30 recent KHS Alumni who reached out to us to ensure we would continue to accommodate all students regardless of their gender choice. We will, of course, accommodate all of our students in a safe and comfortable learning environment that meets individual needs. As an aside, we are thrilled that more than 30 of our alum are reading and citing our strategic plan! Please continue to stay connected.

Cassie Moreno 2013

Elise Swchwebler 2014

Sam Hickson 2013

Colby Kingston 2014

Megan Nash 2013

Avery Barros 2013

Erin McCluskey 2013

John Burns 2013

Stephanie Lewia 2012

Kat O'Toole 2013

Zoe Mahoney 2011

Hannah Ingham 2015

Grace Chlosta 2013

Sophie Gaulkin 2013

Allie Macisso 2012

Noelani Hansen 2013

Maryssa Gordon 2014

James Maloney-Hawkins 2011

Olivia Hussey 2013

Colby Harrison 2013

Olivia Tryon-Nedeau 2013

Marissa Jones 2014

Megan Rounds 2012

Maia Mulcahy 2015

Katelyn Hirst 2013

Lauren D'Iorio 2011

Matt Upham 2013

Zachary Comeau 2014

Korey Pow 2013

Hannah Pepin 2015