KHS senior project putting KCT on Google Earth and giving senior citizens access to the trails!

Can you imagine if you once loved to walk the woods and the trails around your hometown and no longer could?  This year Kennebunk High School Seniors for their senior project (this week and next) have partnered with Kennebunkport Conservation Trust in borrowing a camera from google street view to create even better access for people who cannot get out on the trails.  Essentially people from around the world will be able to virtually walk our trails, see the view from the top of the lighthouse, and more, once uploaded to google earth.  These high school seniors are not aiming for the world; the people they are hoping to connect with are closer to home.

The Kennebunkport Conservation Trusts education director Leia Lowery, has initiated a bringing nature home project with the Atria residents, bringing slide shows of trails and nature inside to bring greater access to senior citizens.  The KHS seniors are recording these trails to further the access to properties in a more experiential way for the residents who may find it difficult to make it out to the far reaches of KCT properties.

They are in the midst of planning right now, but we thought this was a great story of community, connecting the generations, and connecting to land.  Once again, this amazing partnership of Kennebunkport Conservation Trust and Kennebunk High School is creating a spark in the community worth documenting.  It will only be this week and next, but I am sure these motivated high school seniors will be happy to share their journey.