KHS Construction Update

Work continues at a furious pace at Kennebunk High School.  On average, the construction crew numbers 135 each day.  The crews are focused on installing finishes in the new portion of the building and are prepared for a late August turn-over date. Gorham Sand and Gravel is working at completing all of the work outside including a final coat of pavement on the entry road and parking area.  The Science rooms, which are located in the 1981 wing are in the process of being constructed.  This area is very complex and PC has gotten a terrific jump on the work. Finally, the "A" gym is in the throws of a complete renovation including new basketball floor and translucent light panels in the wall that faces Fletcher Street.  The project continues to be on time and on budget.  Here are pictures of the main entrance (in the back of the building), the stage and auditorium, and a classroom hallway.