TAMS Litigation Update

RSU 21 has received the decision of the Superior Court in the litigation involving the Thornton Academy Middle School.  The court ruled that middle school students from Arundel have the right to attend either the Middle School of the Kennebunks in RSU 21 or the Thornton Academy Middle School (TAMS).  The decision held that in adopting the 2007 School Reorganization Law, the Maine Legislature not only intended to preserve “school choice” in those school units that had previously allowed it, but that the Legislature also intended to preserve the opportunity to attend school outside of a school unit where that opportunity had previously existed.  

In the coming days, the RSU 21 Board of Directors will review the Superior Court’s decision with the RSU’s attorneys and examine the impact of the decision on RSU 21’s finances and educational programs.  

At this point, no decision has been made with respect to an appeal of the Superior Court’s decision.