Elementary Facilities Update

Update to the 2016 Master Facilities Plan

Elementary School Enrollment & Number of Classrooms Needed

February 12, 2019

In May 2016, the Master Facilities Committee completed an analysis of the actual learning spaces needed in our elementary schools. In addition to smaller instructional and assessment spaces, it was determined that we required 87 full-size classrooms at that time. Since then, enrollment has shifted, moving teachers and classrooms but not reducing classrooms until this school year. This year also brought eight new Pre Kindergarten classrooms, bringing a net addition of six classrooms to our need. Next year, we anticipate reducing one classroom and adding one Pre Kindergarten classroom.

Based upon the May 2016 Master Facilities Committee analysis, we need the following full sized classroom spaces in our elementary schools:

FY 16 - 87 full-size classrooms

FY 17 - 87 full-size classrooms

FY 18 - 87 full-size classrooms

FY 19 - 93 full-size classrooms (added Pre K)

FY 20 (projected) - 93 full-size classrooms

FY 25 (projected) - 88 full-size classrooms

Our enrollment forecast extends to the FY 2025 school year. Assuming those numbers to be accurate (+/- 5%) and the maintenance of  nine Pre Kindergarten classrooms, we would need 88 full-size classrooms that year. Population forecasts for the State of Maine indicate a low on the year 2027 and then a rebound in the years to follow. Much of that population rebound will likely occur in Southern Maine.

There are currently the following number of classroom sized spaces in each elementary school:

Mildred L. Day - 16

Consolidated School - 15

Kennebunk Elementary School - 34 (plus 5 if we move Central Office and renovate that space)

Sea Road School - 26 (2 spaces would need to be renovated)

Currently, and for the foreseeable future, our elementary classroom space needs exceed any combination of three elementary schools. While these projections should be monitored annually, we are not currently near a position to further examine school closure.