Community Letter 2

February 28, 2019

Dear Friends of RSU 21,

Today marked a positive day of moving toward a better future at KHS as teachers and students gathered in the KHS Theater for two assemblies during their advisory block. The difficulties and circumstances expressed in the media over the last few weeks were acknowledged.

We used an outline of the student survey to provide an opportunity for students to ask questions; identify what we do well within the curriculum, in clubs and advisories; identify areas, occurrences, and issues that we need to be aware of; and provide input on future steps. The district’s draft Diversity, Equity and Inclusion plan was shared and explained. During advisory block tomorrow (Friday) we will continue the discussion and allow time for students to complete the survey.

Many students commented that they were grateful for the opportunity to begin discussions. There were students that wanted more - more information and more action. We have identified some of those students and will be working with them over the next few days to process the plan and look for concrete ways they can be involved in a meaningful, long-term way.

Next Monday district administration will be hosting a gathering, bringing together our three Town Managers, other leaders from the town offices, and members of local faith based organizations. Recognizing that the diversity, equity, and inclusion issues that we are struggling with affect all aspects of our community, this gathering will be an opportunity for us to collaborate and strategize on what part we all need to play in finding positive solutions for moving forward.

I look forward to sharing the details of tomorrow morning’s Civil Rights Step Forward assembly at MSK with you, and our future plans in expanding student voice.

Respectfully yours,

Katie Hawes