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  • Section B: Board Governance and Operations

Selection Process

Each May, two student representatives to the School Board of Directors (Board) will be selected to replace the outgoing member. The process for this selection will be as follows:

  1. Each April the Principal will notify sophomore and Junior students of the process for student board member selection through an advisory or other appropriate means. 

  2. Applicants will be asked to write a brief essay expressing their reasons for applying and the contribution they hope to make.

  3. All applications shall be reviewed by a selection committee composed of the Principal, the School Board Chair and/or Vice Chair, and a faculty member. 

  4. The selection committee may, in its discretion, choose to interview finalists before their decision is made. 

  5. The selection committee may, in its discretion, choose to leave the position(s)  vacant.


Student Board members shall maintain curriculum and citizenship standards, which include:

  1. Eligibility to participate in athletics and extracurricular activities, as defined by the district’s Academic Eligibility policy (JJJ/JJIC).

  2. Standards of behavior and citizenship that are determined to be of high quality.

  3. Adhere to School Board standards of membership, ethics, attendance and decorum.

  4. A Student Board member may be removed from office by a 2/3 vote of the Board for cause.


  1. The newly selected School Board committee student representative is strongly encouraged to educate themself on the purpose and duties of the School Board in the months after they are selected and before the start of their term.

  2. During the summer, the student board members will be encouraged to attend an orientation session.

  3. Beginning at the start of the school year, the student board members shall make an earnest effort to attend all School Board business meetings and workshops.  The same standards for attendance apply for student board representatives as for School Board members. The appointment as a student board member is a significant commitment and a responsibility not to be taken lightly.

  4. Student board members are encouraged to prepare for meetings by reading appropriate materials.  

  5. Student board members will ensure ongoing communication with the student body at Kennebunk High School to inform them of relevant items on School Board agendas. The two student board members will create a plan that clearly outlines the ways that the student board members will disseminate information to the entire student body. This plan will be shared with the Board Chair. 

  6. Student board members shall report to the School Board when appropriate.

  7. The extra curricular honor code applies to this student activity.

In the event that a Student Board member’s seat is vacated prior to the expiration of that student’s term, the Board will request the Selection committee to review applications for the appropriate seat (KHS juniors for the Junior seat and KHS seniors for the Senior seat).  If no suitable candidate is available from the most recent application pool, the Board will request new applications from the appropriate Kennebunk High School class.  An abbreviated time schedule will be followed in order to seat the new Student Board member as quickly as possible (two weeks for applications, one week for reviews, and one week for interviews).

Legal Reference: 20-A MRSA § 1001 (1A)   

Cross Reference:  

BABB - School Board Self-Evaluation 

BBBDA - School Board Declared Vacancy Caused by Absenteeism

JJJ/JJIC - Academic Eligibility 

Adopted: 06/01/09

Amended: 11/01/10

Amended: 05/15/17

Amended: 01/10/23

Amended: 06/07/24


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