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  • Section B: Board Governance and Operations



The purpose of the Facilities Committee (Committee) is to review the needs for space, to develop a long-range plan for facilities, grounds, transportation, and capital needs, and to make recommendations to the School Board of Directors (Board) and/or Superintendent.


Membership of the Facilities Committee is outlined in Policy BDE. 


  1. To develop and recommend a maintenance and replacement schedule for buildings, grounds, and transportation.

  2. To conduct periodic reviews of school facilities, buildings, transportation equipment and report to the Board.

  3. To recommend additions, deletions, or changes to facilities and transportation needed to support the school programs.

  4. Conduct studies, review proposals, determine impact as to maintenance costs and usage and provide Board liaison to the administration on matters pertaining to transportation, security, space, and community use of facilities.

  5. Work with building committees and renovations committees as needed. 


  1. The Committee shall meet at least once per month during the school year.

  2. Regular monthly meetings shall be scheduled one month in advance and notice of meetings posted as specifically required by policy.

  3. Special Meetings may be convened by the Committee Chair, or at the request of the Chair of the Board, upon 24 hours notice to the Committee.

  4. All meetings are open to the public, unless convened in an Executive Session. 

  5. The presence of three Board members of a standing committee shall constitute a quorum for voting purposes. Board members of the standing committee vote on agenda items. 

  1. In the event that the Chair of a standing committee is unavailable for a scheduled committee meeting, the members of the standing committee will elect one of the members in attendance to act as Chair for the duration of the meeting.

  1. Recommendations may be in the form of a proposed motion and/or a report.

  2. A standing committee may also forward a matter under discussion to the full Board with no recommendation.

  3. Standing committee reports to the Board will be included as an agenda item for all regular Board meetings.

  1. Any item referred to a standing committee by the Board shall be reported on at the next regular Board meeting whenever practicable. 

  2. The standing committee’s report to the Board should indicate work completed or progress made to date. The report may include the recommendation for continued standing committee study.

  3. The Committee Chair or designee shall provide a written report to the Board at regular Board meetings. 

  4. RSU 21 encourages the regular participation of community members. The expertise and input from our community are vital to the decision making process of the Board and its Standing and Advisory Committees. 


Legal Reference: 1 M.R.S.A. § 401 et seq.


Adopted: 06/01/09

Amended: 11/01/10

Amended: 10/16/17

Revised: 4/25/22

Revised: 10/16/23

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