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  • Section B: Board Governance and Operations

Regular Meetings

The School Board of Directors (Board) will hold its regular business meetings twice each month except as determined otherwise by a vote of the Board. 

The time and place of meetings will be made available by the Superintendent/designee to the public and news media at least one week in advance, and the agenda will be available at least four days prior to the meeting.  

Special Meetings

A special meeting of the Board is a meeting that is held to address important matters that arise between regular meetings and/or require Board action before the time set for the next regular meeting or to consider a single subject in one session. Special meetings are open to the public unless convened in an executive session. 

Special meetings shall be held at the call of the Chairperson or at the written request of a majority of the directors, or at the call of the Superintendent, whenever deemed necessary.  Notice of all special meetings and agenda shall be made by the Superintendent/designee to the members and the public at least one day prior to the meeting. 

The Board Chair  shall be responsible for ensuring notice of a special meeting is provided to Board members and the media at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting.  The notice or agenda shall indicate the subject(s) of the meeting and action to be taken.

Only the specific business actions on the special meeting agenda may be acted upon at a special meeting.

Emergency Meetings

An emergency meeting of the Board is a meeting that is called because a matter is so urgent that it must be addressed immediately and the advance notice required for a special meeting cannot reasonably be provided. 

An emergency meeting may only be called by the Chair or at the request of the Superintendent.

Whenever practicable, 24 hour advance notice will be provided.  The Board Chair shall ensure notification of the media by the same or faster means as used to notify Board members.  The notice shall include time and location, indicate the purpose/subject of the meeting, and shall be made by the Superintendent/designee to the members and the public. 

Only the specific business actions on the emergency meeting agenda may be acted upon at an emergency meeting.

Executive Sessions

Executive sessions of the Board shall be called and conducted in accordance with state law.  Only the matter(s) stated in the motion to enter executive session shall be considered.  No final action may be taken in executive session.

Workshops and Informational Meetings

The Board, at its discretion, may schedule workshops and other meetings to discuss a particular subject or proposal or to gather input from staff, community, or other groups. 

No final action shall be taken by the Board at any meeting other than a regular meeting, special meeting, or emergency meeting. 

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Cross References: 

BEC—Executive Sessions

BEDA—Notification of Board Meetings

BEDB—Agenda Preparation and Dissemination

BDE - Board of School Directors Committees

Amended: 11/09/92

Amended: 09/22/97

Amended: 02/10/03

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Revised: 6/6/22


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