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  • Section B: Board Governance and Operations


Requests for Agenda Items

Board members, school unit staff, groups or organizations, and members of the public may submit written or email requests to the Board for items to be placed on the agenda. To be considered for placement on the agenda, an item must be within the scope of the Board’s duties, timely, and appropriate for consideration under all applicable laws and Board policies. The request must be received a minimum of ten (10) calendar days prior to the meeting at which the group or individual wishes the item to be addressed by the Board. The Chair and Superintendent shall make the final decision regarding placement of requested items on the agenda.

The person requesting the agenda item will be notified when the item will be placed on the agenda and where the meeting will be held. If the item can be resolved by the Superintendent or an Administrator, Board policy promotes resolution of issues at the appropriate level. Anyone submitting a request to place an item on the agenda will be notified. In order that the board may fairly and adequately discharge its overall responsibility, a member of the public requesting that the Board consider adding an item to the agenda must submit a written request to the Superintendent or the Board Chair in advance of the scheduled meeting. The Superintendent or Board Chair may add the item to the agenda at his/her discretion. The person requesting the agenda item will be notified in writing when the item will be placed on the agenda and where the meeting will be held.  Published agendas will be posted and available as required by Board policy. If the Chair declines to add the item to the agenda, they will inform the person requesting the addition and the reason for doing so and, when appropriate, direct the person to contact the Superintendent or school administrator to seek resolution of the issue. 

 Agenda Preparation and Dissemination

The Superintendent shall prepare a draft agenda. The Board Chair, Vice-Chair, and Superintendent will review and prepare the agenda. The agenda shall include items that the Board plans to address in performing its duties as the governing body of the school unit in accordance with Maine law and Board policies. 

The agenda will be posted on the RSU 21 website and available at the Superintendent’s Office. Anyone seeking additional information regarding an agenda item should contact the Office of the Superintendent. 

The agenda will be distributed to Board members, administration, and anyone requesting to be on the distribution list. The distribution will occur at least four days prior to a regular meeting, at least one day prior to a special meeting, and whenever practicable for an emergency meeting. Copies of the agenda will also be available at the Board meeting. 

Dissemination of Supporting Materials

The Superintendent will provide to the Board background materials and data that are necessary for the Board to give informed consideration to agenda items. Requests for disclosure of materials received by Board members must be referred to the Superintendent. The Superintendent will also provide to the Board the draft minutes of Board meetings that will be presented for approval.

Documents containing information that is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Access Act or other law shall be marked “confidential.” Such information shall not be disclosed by Board members or the Superintendent, or provided to the media or the public. 

Additions and Adjustments to the Agenda at a Meeting

After the meeting has been called to order, the Superintendent or Board Chair may recommend additions and/or adjustments to the agenda of a regular meeting or, unless otherwise prohibited by Board policy, to the agenda of a special meeting. Any Board member who wishes to add an item to the agenda may offer a motion to that effect. Such a motion shall require a second to proceed to a vote. The item should be within the scope of the Board’s duties, timely, and appropriate for consideration under all applicable laws and Board policies.

All additions to the agenda must be approved by a 2/3 vote of the members present and voting.

All adjustments to the agenda shall require the consent of the Board by majority vote when changing the order of business.  

Consent Agenda

Any item that appears on the consent agenda may be removed from the consent agenda by request of a member of the board; a formal vote is not required. The remaining items will be voted on by a single motion. The approved motion will then be recorded in the minutes, including a listing of all items appearing on the consent agenda. Any item removed from the consent agenda will be taken up later in the regular agenda for discussion and voted on separately. 

Consent agenda items may include, but are not limited to Approval of Minutes of meetings; Correspondence; Acceptance of gifts/Donations/Grants, Hiring or Resignation of employees. 


Any Board member wishing to make an announcement at a regular meeting should make every attempt to contact the Board Chair prior to the meeting. Announcements will be made at the discretion of the Board Chair. 

Legal Reference: 20-A MRSA § 1477 (RSU) 

Cross Reference: BEA - School Board Meetings

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BEDG-Minutes of Meetings  

Adopted: 06/01/09 

Revised: 12/21/09

Revised: 08/19/19

Revised: 7/25/22

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