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  • Section B: Board Governance and Operations


Except as otherwise provided by law, by Maine Department of Education regulations, or by School Board of Directors (Board) policy, Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised (latest edition available) shall be used to resolve procedural uncertainties in RSU 21 meetings.

Annually, the Chair shall appoint a member of the Board to serve as Parliamentarian.  The appointment shall be subject to Board approval. The Parliamentarian should be familiar with Robert’s Rules and able to advise the Board, as necessary, regarding parliamentary procedure or interpretation of rules of order.

The role of the Parliamentarian shall be advisory only. 

The Chair will rule on all questions pertaining to rules of order/parliamentary procedure that may arise during a public meeting of the Board.

Procedural rules may be suspended at any time for the duration of any one meeting by majority vote of the Board members present. 

Adopted: 06/01/2009

Amended: 09/18/2017

Reviewed: 7/25/22


  • Section B