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The Board authorizes the use of security cameras for the purpose of enhancing school safety and security.  The Board’s goals are to promote and foster a safe, secure teaching and learning environment for students and employees; to promote public safety for community members who visit or use school facilities and grounds; and to safeguard facilities and property.  After carefully balancing the need to protect the District’s property and the need for discipline and safety with students’ and staffs’ interests in privacy, the Board supports the appropriate use of video/surveillance cameras on school property. 

Security cameras may be placed in parking lots, school entryways and other areas on school grounds.  Security cameras may also be placed in areas of common use within buildings, including but not necessarily limited to, school foyers, the school office, hallways, cafeterias, libraries and gymnasiums.  

Security cameras may be used for the following purposes, including but not limited to:

  1. To investigate suspected violations of Board policies, school rules, or other inappropriate conduct.

  2. To monitor activities on school property to protect safety and to enforce laws, Board policies and school rules.

  3. By law enforcement to address school safety issues or to investigate possible criminal behavior.

Notices will be posted in public entryways to buildings and other conspicuous locations informing individuals that the buildings and grounds are monitored by security cameras.  

The Superintendent may develop and implement any necessary administrative procedures regarding the use of security cameras.  

Cross Reference: EBCA – Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

 JRA – Student Records and Information

Adopted:    01/23/06

Amended:  11/02/09 

Revised: 2/27/23 

Adopted:   01/23/06

Amended: 11/02/09 

Amended: 2/27/23


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