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The School Committee utilizes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to reduce reliance on pesticides in school buildings and on district assets. When possible, non-pesticide options will be used to manage pests. When a pesticide must be used, the least hazardous material and method of application will be utilized and applications will be timed to minimize the impact on staff, students, and other users of school facilities.  

A.  IPM Coordinator

The Superintendent shall appoint an IPM Coordinator who is responsible for developing and implementing the school district’s IPM plan and procedures; overseeing all pest control matters; ensuring that the schools comply with all public notice requirements concerning pesticide applications; and maintaining required records. The IPM Coordinator will be trained in accordance with state regulations. 

B. Notice Requirements

The school unit will provide all public notifications required by state regulations, including the following: 

  1. School staff and parents/legal guardians will be notified within two weeks of the start of the school year that the school unit has an IPM policy and where it may be reviewed; that pesticides may periodically be applied in schools and on school grounds; how to contact the IPM Coordinator; and that required notices will be provided prior to pesticide applications. The notice will also advise staff and parents/legal guardians where they may review a log of prior pesticide applications, information about the pesticides used, and a copy of the state regulations governing pesticides in schools.

  1. When required by state regulations, the school unit shall provide notification to school staff and parents/legal guardians at least five days in advance of any planned application inside a school building or on school grounds.  The notice shall state the trade name and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency registration number of the pesticide to be applied; the approximate time, date, location, and reasons for the application; and the name and phone number of the IPM Coordinator. When school is not in session, notice shall be made by posting signs that conform to state regulations. 

  2. Whenever pesticide applications not exempted by state regulations are performed in a school building or on school grounds, signs shall be posted at each access point to the treated area and in a common area of the school two working days before and for 48 hours after an application. 

C.    Recordkeeping

The IPM Coordinator shall maintain required records of pest surveillance and pesticide applications for two years. 

Cross References: Integrated Pest Management Plan/Procedures 

Legal References:  CMR 01-26 Chapter 27 – Standards for Pesticide Applications and Public Notification in Schools 

7 M.R.S.A. §§ 601-625

22 M.R.S.A. §§ 1471-A-X 

Adopted: 04/23/01

Amended: 07/19/04

Amended: 11/02/09

Amended: 06/15/15

Amended: 10/15/18

Reviewed: 2/27/23

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