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  • Section F: Facilities



The Board recognizes that educational programs are substantially influenced by the environment within which they function.  The development of a quality educational program and school facilities which help to implement it go hand in hand.


It is the Board’s goal to provide the appropriate facilities needed for the number of students in the unit and to provide the kind of facilities that will best support and accommodate the educational program.  To this end, there should always be a five-year facilities plan on file with the Board, which is updated every two years.


In planning facilities, the Board recognizes that capital outlay funds are limited and that it must establish priorities in order to make the best use of the school building dollar.


Architects employed by the Board are expected to plan for high educational utility and flexibility; access to and use by the disabled; sound economics; low long-range maintenance costs and energy efficiency; low insurance rates; and quality of design.


New buildings and/or renovations to existing buildings shall be in accordance with the organizational patterns established by the Board and shall be designed to fit current as well as anticipated instructional programs.


For each building project, a School Building Committee will be appointed and charged with the responsibility of facilities planning.  The authority and responsibilities of this Committee shall be detailed by the Board at the time of appointment.


Decisions pertaining to the construction of educational facilities will be made after consultation with professional staff, students, parents and citizens.


All plans and procedures shall be in compliance with federal and state law, and all regulations of the Maine Department of Education shall be complied with in all stages of facilities planning and construction.


Legal Reference: 20-A MRSA § 15902

Adopted: 03/05/12


  • Section F