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  • Section G: Personnel


The Board recognizes that there are instances when a student, parent, or community member wants to express appreciation or gratitude towards school employees.  Written expressions of appreciation to employees are encouraged.  Other small tokens of appreciation are also acceptable.  Token contributions of money by a group of students for gifts to employees shall be voluntary.  Routine or obligatory gift giving is discouraged.

Staff members should always use good taste and adhere to the code of professional ethics when accepting gifts from students.

Staff members may accept gifts from other staff members provided the gift is not unduly elaborate or expensive and is given on a voluntary basis.

Staff members shall not accept gifts, commissions, expense paid trips, or anything of value from outside agencies or individuals that are a result of existing or potential business transactions between the local school, the school district, and said agency or individual.  Staff members shall report to their immediate supervisor any attempt by outside agencies or individuals to give gifts to district employees.


Adopted: 01/10/06

Amended: 12/21/09

  • Section G