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  • Section G: Personnel


The Board acknowledges the risk of infection from bloodborne pathogens that employees may incur when they handle or participate in procedures that involve blood, other body fluids or other potentially infectious materials.

The Board directs the Superintendent to implement the mandated Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standard to eliminate or minimize occupational exposure to potentially infectious material for employees who have a reasonable anticipation of exposure to blood and other body fluids.

The Superintendent shall prepare for Board consideration and approval an initial Occupational Exposure Control Plan with updates on at least an annual basis.  The adopted plan shall be distributed to all employees.  The following issues shall be addressed in the plan:

A. Exposure determination;

B. Preventive measures including training, universal precautions, Hepatitis B vaccination, engineering controls, work practice controls, and personal protective equipment;

C. Post-exposure evaluation and follow-up; and

D. Recordkeeping.

Amended: 12/22/97
Amended: 12/08/03
Reviewed: 12/21/09
Amended:  08/29/16
Amended:  06/07/21


  • Section G