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  • Section G: Personnel


The Board believes a strong relationship exists between the quality of education provided to students and the competency and training of all employees (including administrators, instructional personnel, and support personnel) employed by the school system. The Board is committed to providing all employees with opportunities for professional growth and development throughout their careers. The goal of staff development programs and opportunities is to improve the instructional program and create a safe learning environment for all students by improving and expanding the knowledge, skills, and abilities of all staff..

The Superintendent is authorized to initiate programs and activities which are designed to serve the following purposes:

  1. To provide a structure through which employees can stay abreast of new developments in their areas of specialty;

  2. To familiarize employees with new research and innovations ;

  3. To assist employees in the process of continuous improvement; and

  4. To facilitate the development, implementation, and evaluation of new programs.

Professional Development and training opportunities must be approved in advance by the principal and/or supervisor. All approvals will consider both the needs/growth opportunities of the employee and the operational capacity of the school or department. If the school system requires participation in professional development, the school department will pay reasonable costs, within budget limits, for any courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, in-service training sessions, or other sessions. The school system will evaluate payment for non-required professional learning, based on the needs/growth of the employee, and the operational capacity of the school department. 

Legal Reference: Ch. 125 § 8.08 (Me. Dept. of Ed. Rule)

Cross Reference: GDFA- Supervision and Evaluation of Employees

Amended:  03/26/90
Amended:  12/08/97
Amended:  08/12/02
Amended:  08/30/21


  • Section G