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  • Section G: Personnel


The Board recognizes that sharing of accurate information about current and former District employees with prospective employers is generally in the best interest of the District and other school Districts as well as employees seeking new employment, but that such disclosures may be restricted by state confidentiality laws and liability concerns.  Authorized District supervisors may respond to reference inquiries concerning District employees or former employees who are seeking employment elsewhere as provided in this policy.

The Superintendent and other persons designated by the Superintendent are authorized to provide written or oral references concerning a current or former District employee only if the employee has signed the Authorization to Disclose Information/Release of Claims/Indemnity document attached to this policy.  If no such Authorization has been executed, the District shall disclose only “directory information” as defined in 20-A MRSA § 6101.  The original signed Authorization shall be retained permanently in the employee’s personnel file.

If the Authorization is revoked in writing by the employee, no further references, apart from directory information, shall be provided with respect to the employee, and both the written revocation and the Authorization shall be retained in the personnel file.

This policy shall apply to both professional and non-professional school unit employees.

Legal Reference: 20-A MRSA § 6101

26 MRSA § 598

Cross Reference: GCQC - Resignation of School Unit Employees

Adopted: 02/07/22


  • Section G