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  • Section H: Negotiations

For the purposes of collective bargaining with all units, the RSU 21 Board School Board of Directors (Board) as part of its establishment of subcommittee assignments shall appoint a committee composed of less than a majority of the members of the board to carry out negotiations with employee units. The Board Chair shall appoint the Lead Negotiator for collective bargaining. The Board Members who comprise the Negotiating Committee shall obtain direction from the Board regarding collective bargaining issues, and coordinate and monitor the progress of negotiations. The Superintendent and/or their designee shall advise the committee in all matters relating to collective bargaining. The Board may use outside professional services to support the negotiations.

No contract shall be signed until the Board has accepted it and officially designated its representatives to sign it. 

Cross Reference:

BDE – Board of School Directors Committees

BDED – Human Resources Committee

Legal Reference: Title 26, MRSA, Sec. 967

Adopted: 03/18/13

Revised: 10/17/22

  • Section H