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  • Section I: Instruction



The District shall comply with all state and federal special education regulations regarding IEP Team meetings, and with all federal rules relating to 504 Team meetings.  In addition to required members for IEP Teams, and for 504 Teams, either the parent or the District, at their discretion, may invite to the meeting other individuals who have knowledge or special expertise regarding the child, including related services personnel as appropriate.  The determination of knowledge or special expertise of such an individual shall be made by the party (parent or public agency) who invited the individual to attend the team meeting.

Should a parent choose to invite either an attorney or advocate to an IEP or 504 Team meeting, the parent shall provide notice to the Office of the Special Education Director at least three (3) business days in advance of the Team meeting to give the District time to arrange for attendance by the Director of Special Education and/or school attorney at the meeting.  Should the parent fail to provide three (3) days advance notice of attendance by an attorney or advocate, or should the District be unable to have the Director of Special Education and/or attorney in attendance at that meeting, the District reserves the right to reschedule the meeting to a date on which one or both of these individuals can attend.


References:  20-A M.R.SA. Sec. 7202(12); Maine Unified Special Education Regulation VI(2)(B) (2015).


Adopted:  04/28/2008

Reviewed: 01/25/2010

Revised: 01/04/2016


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