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  • Section I: Instruction



Regional School Unit 21 will cooperate in the home instruction of any child who resides within the district as required by state law and to the degree that the level of cooperation does not interfere with the responsibilities to students enrolled in regular programs.  Accordingly, the administration and staff shall implement and abide by “An Act to Require that Public Schools Permit Participation in Curricular, Cocurricular and Extracurricular Activities for Students Enrolled in Approved Equivalent Instruction Programs”.


The Superintendent is authorized to implement specific procedures as he/she may deem necessary or helpful for administration of this policy and the law, consistent with the following general provisions:


Information from student and parents.   In any case where a parent or student must supply information to the school to enable a home-schooled student to participate in a program or receive credit, the student’s participation may not be commenced and credit may not be awarded until the parent and the student have fully complied with the school’s request for information.  The Superintendent has the authority, in his/her sole discretion, to make exceptions to this requirement when unusual circumstances are present.


Suspension.   The principal is authorized to suspend a home-schooled student from a school program utilizing the same standards and procedures the principal uses for fully-enrolled students participating in the program in questions.


Termination of Participation in Academic Programs.  A student receiving home school instruction who is participating in academic programs of RSU 21 is subject to all rules and expectations applicable to students regularly enrolled in such programs.  Such participation may be terminated by the Superintendent for violation of such rules or expectations after the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee informs the student and the student’s parents of the reason(s) for such termination and provides the student and the student’s parents an opportunity for a meeting with the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee to discuss said reason(s).


Termination from extracurricular or cocurricular activities.  A home-schooled student may be terminated from cocurricular or extracurricular activities for non-compliance with the requirements of the Act or other reason in the same manner as fully-enrolled students.


Awards and Honors.  Home-schooled students are eligible for awards or honors that are based solely on student performance in a school course or activity in which the home-schooled student fully participates.  Home-schooled students are not eligible for awards or honors that are based wholly or in part upon student performance in those parts of the school program in which home-school students have not participated.


Legal Reference: Title 20, Chapter 211, § Chapter 1A, Section 5021


Approved: 12/16/96

Reviewed: 12/08/97

Amended: 06/11/01

Reviewed: 01/25/10


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